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Publish Date - 19/03/2017

How to Design a Logo: 10 Essential Tips & Tricks

Logo design is one of the most important and celebrated parts of graphic design. Logo designers have to give their best to design a meaningful logo. There is a general misconception about logo design.People thinks designing a logo is easy, but the truth is it's not. Behind every great logo, there is critical thinking, endless planning and of course lots of sketching.It needs a good color sense, experience in typography and understanding the brand of the logo.

How to Design a Logo: 10 Essential Tips & Tricks | By Graphiccomb

This article is a combination of rules, tips, and tricks about logo design. After reading this article try to practice according to these rules. I try to keep it simple and include only the main point for logo design.Let's start.


Rule One: Pay Attention To Your Client

The most important thing is to interview your client and make sure you get all the information you need. Gather all information about the brand and what kind of logo they want, what color they like for their brand, gather information about their main audience. This information will help you in the long run.



Rule Two: Study The Brand And Audience

After you gather all the information from your client now you have to setup your own playground.Study the background of your client and the brand you are working for. Find out the main competitor and study their logos. Always remember your main objective is to build up a brand. You have to set up a communicating position between the company and its main targeting audiences. This is why market research is important.



Rule Three: Research Online

If you are struggling with ideas and concept there is always a huge resource in online. Do your research, see some logos, read some articles and you are good to go.Always remember inspiration is everywhere you just have to find them.



Rule Four: Play With Pen And Paper

Sketching using pen and paper is a great way to boost your ideas and build up your design. So before start the design it's always a good choice to sketch them and analyze them.These things can give you new ideas and reduce your work. So, before developing the main design experiment it with pen and paper.



Rule Five: Keep All Your Sketches

Remember every sketch is important. You may design a number of sketches for any single project and then find out which one is perfect but don't discard all other sketches. These sketches are valuable resources and may help you in the future. It is a great practice to store all your sketches in a sketchbook.



Rule Six: Create Mood Boards

Mood boards are a very helpful tool for a graphic designer. After gathering all the information about your logo you should create a mood board with all keywords, sketches, and images and see how they work together. Mood boards are helpful for filtering ideas and concepts.



Rule Seven: Always Go With Vectors

After pinpointing your main design you should proceed to the technical aspect of your design. The best way to design any logo is to construct it with the vector. In this way, you can save your time and frustration. Adobe Illustrator should be your first choice for logo design.



Rule Eight: Try To Tell A Story

Behind every great design, there is a great story and a great logo is not any exception. If you see a logo just a combination of line, shapes and color your will not be able to express any story through your logo design. Behind every powerful logo, there are two stories. One story is obvious and another is hidden. Keep working on your stories.



Rule Nine: Choose Color And Fonts Wisely

Every effective logo working on both black-white and color. The color is very important for logo design. Sometimes color can express the hidden meaning of logo. So, choose your color scheme wisely. Typography is another essential part of logo design. Choose the best font for your logo. You can create a customized typeface for your logo or use any pre-set one. Keep in mind that readable and simple typefaces are always better.Keep it classy.



Rule Ten: Keep It Trendy

Taking inspiration from current logos, learn more about current logo design trend will help you to create a trendy and classy logo.That being said always try to do something new. Make your own design style and working on it. Try to make a new combination but optimize it with the trend. If you can do that your logo can blow the mind of your audience.



So, these are the main ten tips for logo design. If you can working on these points and develop a good sense of design then you can design a great logo. You can try these premium logo templates for inspiration.

Logo Design Inspiration Bundle 1 and  Logo Design Inspiration Bundle 2

Keep practicing all day and one day you can achieve your goal on logo design. Have fun.


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