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Publish Date - 04/03/2017

Top Important Things About Infographics You Should Know

Infographics means represent of information with the graphical visual design. Anything is better with graphical design. Instead of all text and pictures, you can represent your knowledge, dataset and important information with a great graphical design.Today we will describe you the importance of infographics, why you should use one and how to create your own infographics and more important things.

Top Important Things About Infographics You Should Know | By Graphiccomb

What are Infographics?

The definition of the infographic is it is a visually absorbing medium for communication.Actually, it is a combination of images, texts and important analysis of deep data.

It can create a smooth relationship between complex data and visual graphics. This kind of representation can catch the audience attention and can create a great positive effect on spectator’s mind. So, infographics are just a better way to represent deep data in a nice and elegant way within a short period of time.


Evolution of Infographics

From map to important analysis chart everything is a part of infographics.With the upgrade of human civilization the usefulness of infographics increases day by day.From old vintage map to colorful marketing analysis chart, infographic comes a long way.In a nutshell, the evolution of infographic is given below.


Evolution of Infographics
 Source: Evolution of Infographics


The Importance of Infographics

1. Captivating and Gorgeous

People love facts, figures and statistics. Only uses of texts are backdated and can drive your audience bore to death. So, instead of using only texts, add some compelling images and graphics and guess what, you just create an addictive content.

2. Viral Power

Infographics are very attractive and because of this, it has a high probability of shared on social media. So, create an awesome and attractive infographic and there is a high chance that your website or blog post can go viral.

3. Useful to Use

While designing, developing and publishing an infographic the code to put it on a WordPress blog or website is provided as an embed code which can create an automatic link from their site to yours. For example, the infographic we use to demonstrate the evolution of infographic is an embedded code from another website.

4. Observable and Memorable

Did you know that 90% of the information that comes to the brain is visual? So, you need to knock into that “optic nerve”. This kind of visual information is easy to memorize.

5. Brand Awareness

Create an infographic which is embedded with your logo and brand. This kind of infographic can create a very powerful exposure and superior “Brand Awareness”.

6. Universal Coverage

The world is a small place now. We are living in a golden age of online publishing. In this era, infographics can provide universal exposure that homegrown print media could never do.

7. Growths of Traffic

Always remember “With more social share comes more traffic”. An attractive infographic which is associated and convincing by its nature will drive traffic to your website/blog as people “share” and “click”.

8. Supports Search Engine Optimization

Infographic has the power of go viral. This kind of power can drive more traffic to your website, as a result, Google will index your website higher because of Google’s “Page Rank” algorithm. This raises the rank of your site which will eventually help the search engine optimization of your website.

9. Demonstrations of Knowledge and Position

Designing infographics required a high knowledge and research on a particular subject. When you design an infographic it will speak for you by that I mean every infographic is an evidence of your knowledge and your position as an expert on a topic or subject.

10. Positive Impact

A beautiful infographic can increase the traffic, people can easily understand the information and memorize them.Overall infographics make a positive impact for your business, website and brand.


Here is an infographic about the importance of infographics.

Important Things you should know about Infographics You Should Know

6 Important Things About Infographics by Graphic Comb


How To Create Your Own Infographics

The main challenge of infographics is created your own one. If you are a graphic designer you can use adobe photoshop or illustrator to create your own infographics.Besides that, there are some websites which can help you to make your own.Some of them are

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