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Publish Date - 14/03/2017

How To Promote Yourself As A Graphic Designer And Expand Your Business

There are many designers who are very intelligent, creative in designing but don't know how their designs should be promoted. If a designer wants to sell his artwork into the online marketplace, then there is a huge opportunity awaited for him, And if he wants to work in his local area, then the opportunity will be narrow down. But whatever he wants, if he doesn't know about marketing for his design, then it would be very difficult to rise up his business. So this article will be helpful for whom who wants to be a great businessman as well as a designer.

How To Promote Yourself As A Graphic Designer And Expand Your Business | By Graphiccomb

Nowadays, freelancing is a very popular trend among the designers. It's because for many reasons. Cheap Internet, sharing in the social networks, creating freelance marketplace has been risen than before. So the designers are like to work in the freelance marketplace. But most of them don't know how they should promote themselves in the marketplace effectively. So today I'm going to tell you some strategy which will lead you to be a great freelance graphic designer.

Getting Starts with Goal

At first, you have to know the answers of the following three questions. 

        1. Which work do you know best?

        2. To whom you want to work for?

        3. Has there any value which you know best?

The first two answers depend on your skill and your working area. If the answer of the last question is negative, then you have to analyze the marketplace which type of work is more demanded and develop your skill.

Then you have to sort out your clients and target them wisely. You must appear yourself in front of them and show them your work and try to convince them with your demanded price.

Build a Website or Portfolio that Represent You Properly

After taking the decision, you need a website or online portfolio to represent your identity and work. But it isn't necessary to build a website if you don't have skills to build a website. Then you should sign up for a portfolio service like Behance or Carbonmade

But it is highly recommended that you have a website. If you manage a website, then you should keep in mind that your website must be user-friendly, attractive, nice and clean.

Here are some tips that will help you to build a user-friendly website.

             i. Clean design with maximum usability.

             ii. Consistent your brand identity through the entire online process.

             iii. Easy to read your 'About' content which will help your client to know you very clearly.

             iv. Showcase your best work which will attract your clients.

             v. Make it easy for visitors and potential clients to contact you directly.

By following these tips, your website will be very user-friendly, nice, clean and attractive.

Connecting with Social Media

Nowadays social media sites play a vital role to promote a business effectively and I have to say that it's very necessary for every freelancer.

There are countless social media sites in the world but only a few of them is useful to the designers. At least you must sign up for those sites. My favorites as a graphic designer are facebook, twitter, Instagram, Dribble, Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest, SnapChat, Medium etc. I'll show you some reasons why you should use these social media sites.

        i. Facebook is more popular than any other sites. So you can promote yourself in this site and gather a large number of followers.

          ii. Twitter will gather you the western clients as Twitter is popular in that region.

          iii. Instagram is photo sharing site and a graphic designer can promote his work quickly via Instagram.

          iv. Dribble will handle your online portfolio effectively.

          v. With Youtube, you can share your idea, work with your followers visually.

          vi. Illustrators and character designers mostly rely on Tumblr.

          vii. Crafters can generate some serious traffic from Pinterest.

          viii. SnapChat is is very useful to show the behind the scenes.

          ix. To write and manage a blog, you should use Medium.

If you don't have a website, then you will gain serious help from these. But if you have, you should use these social links to your website. These techniques will anticipate you more powerful in the graphic design community.

Sharing Techniques in the Social Media Sites

It is very important to the designers how they should use the social media successfully. A great caption will force to gain a serious traffic to expand the number of followers. The more you have followers, the more people you have reached. 

Sometimes you have to experiment your followers by asking some questions with poles, posting photos to entertain them and sharing your thoughts. You should share useful links and converse with others online. For example, share Twitter links into the Instagram and vice versa. This will build your followers undoubtfully.

Purchase Ad Space

It is impossible to let everyone know about your business. You may let your family and your friends know highest about your business. But most of the users don't know your business. To let them know, purchasing an ad is the best policy. You can purchase an ad with cheap rate and promote your business to the users who doesn't know your business yet.

This policy will create a massive traffic to your website if your website is built effectively. Purchasing ad space will also help you in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Word of Mouth Spontaneously through the Community

There is a saying "Sharing is caring". Your freelance business mostly relies on how you use your mouth effectively. Most of the freelancers in design community believe in the word of mouth. Because word of mouth will be the ultimate sources of your potential clients.

Nothing is more effective than a family member, friend, or past client personally recommending your name and services. So to promote and expand your business, you have to share about your work and contact influential people in your life to let them know that you’re available for work.

Target the Market in which Field You Mostly Interested

If you have a good skill in the specific field, then you may target the specific clients. It is not a wise suggestion to work in one or two fields because sometimes the field you have chosen may collapse down. So it would be wise to be skilled in many different fields. But if you insist on working in some specific fields, then you need to target the clients who are related to that fields. You can find the specific clients through different social sites like facebook, twitter etc.

Then find out who to contact in the company and send them an email introducing yourself. If they response positively, then it's great. But if they aren't interested in you, then you should keep patient and contact them periodically.

Connect with Old Acquaintances or Former Clients

It will be a very good practice to be connected with your old acquaintances or formal clients or others. Sometimes you may forget them or vice versa cause we are all busy. But connecting with them, the relationship will be stronger and if they need anything to work, then they will knock you.

Keep Your Online Portfolio updated

It's very hard to keep print portfolio or brochure updated but it's easy to keep online portfolio updated. To update your online portfolio, you may need maximum 15 to 30 minutes but this will help your client that you have a new work and sometimes they may interest in that work.

Offer a Seminar or Free Consultation

Sometimes you may offer a free seminar to be introduced yourself or with your new work. Then your work will be spread over the community and it will help you a lot to promote your business. Besides offering a free seminar, you may arrange a free consultation. Free consultation would be online or offline. Whatever it is, it will help you to gather many followers and to become a problem solver.

Expand Your Skill with Trending Marketable Context

As the marketplace is getting more and more competitive, then you should learn new techniques and thus you can deliver your best service to your client that can't be delivered by other competitors. To learn something new, you should take time to gather ins and out of that topic. It will make you more perfect skilled.

Generate New Ideas

Sometimes you need to concentrate on building your business, As a designer, you often get yourself busy in design work. Sometimes you may forget that you have to keep an eye on your design business. To keep steady your business well, you have to generate new ideas for your business. Write down anything and everything and then narrow down your ideas to the top 10 ideas. Make goals and plans to carry out those top ten tactics within the next few months.

So in the conclusion of this article, we can narrow down the summary that is explained in this article.

              i. Setup your mind to work in the design industry.

              ii. Create a stunning portfolio.

              iii. Connect yourself with social media and share your mind and work there.

              iv. Use your mouth to publicity your work in the design community.

              v. Target the market wisely.

              vi. Connect with your previous clients and formal clients.

              vii. Make sure your online portfolio updated.

              viii. Offer your clients with your unique work.

              ix. Make an arrangement of free seminar or consultation.

              x. Keep yourself in thinking to generate new ideas for your business.



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