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Publish Date - 28/02/2017

Best Of Material Design Inspiration Form Graphic Design Community

Material Design is a visual language for the users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science. There are so many designers and developers who continue to develop the tenets and specifics of material design. But if you wanna design or develop such kind of attractive material design, then this article is for you. This article will inspire you a lot to build your imagination for designing a nice, elegant and perfect material design.

Best Of Material Design Inspiration Form Graphic Design Community | By Graphiccomb

In 2016, Google announced their exciting new visual language Material Design, a concept based on great visual design combined with cutting-edge technology in order to create a unified experience on both mobile and desktop. With this technology, design industry has gained a new ideology to design more creative, cleaner and nicer design. Today I'll show you some best material designs which will lead you to think with a broad imagination.

1. Mobile Interaction Design By Ramotion


From this design, we get an idea about Liquid Pull Down, Onboarding Flow, Virtual Card Flow, different types of UI/UX Design Transitions and much more.

2. The New Material Design Motion by John Schlemmer


You can get to know how things move with the brand new Material Design motion guidelines from this design.

3. Google Motion Graphics by Gurney Designz


This motion graphics will give you an idea how material design supports animations.

4. Google Material Design by Jelio Dimitrov


This design is developed for Android Phone. You can make this type awesome UI/UX design for Android Mobile.

5. Power Chart by Kingyo


If you want to build an app for your mobile, this would help you to generate an idea for your app user interface.

6. Gmail Animated Icon by John Schlemmer


Google launches a new icon for their email services. Here is the animated illustration of that icon. You can get an idea to make an animated icon for your materialize website or application.

7. Book Selecting - Concept Animation Transition by Leo Leung


This design concept is based on how we read a book. The transition of this design is as like as a book.

8. Chat Animation by Jakub Antalík


If you ever try to build a chat application, then this will help you so much.

9. Join the Gmail and Inbox Design Team by John Schlemmer


Google is now trying to combine Gmail inbox with the cellular inbox and hiring developers for this job. This is the design concept behind this.

10. Circle Game Menu by Ramotion


An attractive UI will be the greatest game in the app market. To design an UI for a game, you should look at this material design.


Finally, I'd like to say that material design is becoming very popular from its launch. This design concept will hold the designer and the design marketplace also this year 2017. That's my belief.

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