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Publish Date - 26/02/2017

10 Softwares You Should Use As A Graphics Designer To Improve Your Career

Every work has why and how. You want to be a graphic designer. But, why? Surely you have a good answer or may be a several numbers of good answer. How will you proceed? You already have a clue. But, first and foremost what tools you should use, you should know that first. Most often we start trying popular but old tool, so much old that it doesn’t even have even 10% of newer tools available. Today I am going to mention 10 software those you should use as a graphics designer.

10 Softwares You Should Use As A Graphics Designer To Improve Your Career | By Graphiccomb

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a very basic basic software for controlling, enhancing and manipulating images. It is a very easy tool for creating icons and background images. Photoshop will help you improving your experience. It’s not free though. But still you can try it for free. If you feel comfortable with this then you can buy the licensed edition.



2. Adobe Illustrator

It is another product of adobe. It is almost similar to photoshop except you can create new graphics art in it. Once you start using it, you will start loving this software. It is a great tool for creating and developing icons, backgrounds, clip arts, wallpapers etc. You can also add extra effects in you images using this tool.



3. Adobe After Effects

Yes, of course you are not dreaming. This is a tool exact same as photoshop & illustrator except you can make animation. This is actually an animation tool with almost same interface as photoshop. But adobe after effects is not only used in animation, it is also used in video editing kind of job.



4. Autodesk Maya

Are you still developing 2d images !! Well time to start 3d design. Yes, I  am talking about making 3d images!!! If you have dreamed for long to create 3d images, here is you opportunity to make you dream come true. Maya is used for designing 3d images. Those who are familiar with autocad or other products of autodesk inventor will find the interface easy to use.



5. Solidworks

It is another tool for developing 3d object virtually. This was developed by an ex-MIT student Jon Hirschtick and published by Dassault Systemes. It is an amazing software for specially the engineers. But, don’t be afraid hearing Engineers !!! You can use it too.



6. Autodesk inventor

It is a new software having having humongous amount of features. It’s interface is like Maya. Autodesk inventor can do the work of Solidworks and more. Guess what?!? Simulation!! Not, only you can design but also you can simulate your 3d object using this.  



7. Autodesk 3DS max

3ds max is another product of autodesk. Autodesk Maya was used for designing 3d objects. But, 3ds max can be used for animation. In fact, it has a lot more animation options those were not present in Maya. It is largely used in animation industries. Many famous professional cartoons were made by it.  



8. Blender

Those who haven’t a lot of money don’t be upset reading my blog. Here is opportunity for you too. Blender is an open source graphic designing tool. Don’t think just because it is free and open source it has less option. You can do a lot of things using it.



9. Fontforge

Typography is an art. Many of you may have passion designing fonts in your sketchbooks. Here is an opportunity for you to create and manipulate fonts. Don’t worry. This is also a free tool.




This is an open source advanced tool to make simple projects quickly. It supports professional publishing features such as color separations, CMYK and spot colors, ICC color management etc.



There some more tools those are free of cost. Just surf the internet, search in youtube and you will find them.


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