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Publish Date - 26/02/2017

Essential Keyboard Shortcut Tips for Illustrator (Part 02)

Today’s lesson is the continuity of the previous tutorial about the essential keyboard shortcut tips for illustrator. Adobe Illustrator has a vast keyboard shortcut which are used frequently. In this tutorial, I’ll talk about layer panel, marquee tool to ease your workflow. After learning these shortcuts, you are able to speed up your design more than three times faster. So let’s begin this episode of learning.

Essential Keyboard Shortcut Tips for Illustrator (Part 02) | By Graphiccomb

Working with Artwork

When you are working in Illustrator, most of the time you are working on the artboard. If you know ins and out of the artboard, then it would be very easier to work with the illustrator for you.

Toggle between Screen Modes

We often switch between Normal Screen Mode and Full-Screen Mode with Menu Bar or Full Screen Mode. But how is it very to switch among them? Just press F, then you can toggle between Normal Mode and Full-Screen Mode.

Fit Imageable Area in Window

To fit your artboard to the imageable area, you have to double-click to the Hand Tool. Then the artboard will be fit into the imageable area in the screen window.

Magnify 100%

Mac: Cmd + 1                     Pc: Ctrl + 1


When you wanna fit your artboard into 100% ratio, you have to click the Zoom Tool twice or press the Ctrl/Cmd + 1.

Switch to Hand Tool

Mac: Spacebar                      Pc: Spacebar


Most of the time, we have to move the artboard back and forth. It will be very difficult if you select Hand Tool to move the artboard. Because it may be suitable for the first time, but it won't be suitable for continuous changing tools and moving the artboard. So what can you do? You just press and hold the Spacebar and drag the artboard. Remember this technique won't work in text editing mode.

Switch to Zoom Tool in Magnify Mode

Mac: Spacebar + Cmd                   Pc: Ctrl + Spacebar


It is same as like as the previous technique. Here this command is for Zoom Tool when you wanna magnify the artboard.

Switch to Zoom Tool in Reduce Mode

Mac: Spacebar + Cmd + Opt           Pc: Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar


This command is used when you wanna zoom out the artboard.

Convert between Horizontal and Vertical Guide

To switch between the horizontal guide and vertical guide, you have to press Alt button and drag the guide.

Release Guide

Mac: Cmd + Shift + Double-Click Guide            Pc: Ctrl + Shift + Double-Click Guide


To release the guide, you need to know this shortcut.

Show Document Template

Mac: Cmd + H                         Pc: Ctrl + H


If you work in a previously ready template and in the working moment you wanna know which document template you used earlier, then this command will help you a lot.

Show/Hide Artboards

Mac: Cmd + Shift + H                   Pc: Ctrl + Shift + H


If there are multiple artboards in your document, then by pressing this command you will hide the selected artboard. But this command won't work when there is only an artboard in the document.

Show/Hide Artboard Rulers

Mac: Cmd + Opt + R                      Pc: Ctrl + R


The ruler is essential for a designer. To show or hide the ruler quickly, this command is necessary for the designer.

Show Transparency Grid

Mac: Shift + Cmd + D              Pc: Shift + Ctrl + D


If you wanna work with precisely, then you should use the transparency grid. This command will access you to show the grid very quickly.

View All Artboards in Window

Mac: Ctrl + Opt + 0                 Pc: Ctrl + Alt + 0


Sometimes you need to view all your artboard in your single window. Then this command will help you a lot.

Paste in Place on the Active Artboard

Mac: Cmd + Shift + V                  Pc: Ctrl + Shift + V


This command will help you to paste an object in the active artboard.

Navigate to Next Document

Mac: Cmd + F6                         Pc: Ctrl + F6


If you open multiple documents, then this shortcut will take you to the next document.

Navigate to Previous Document

Mac: Cmd + Shift + F6                  Pc: Ctrl + Shift + F6


This shortcut takes you to the previous document.

Toggle between Outline and GPU Preview of the Document

Mac: Cmd + Y                         Pc: Ctrl + Y


This command is very helpful when you switch between Outline mode and GPU Preview mode.

Toggle between GPU and CPU Preview of the Document

Mac: Cmd + E                          Pc: Ctrl + E


This shortcut is used to toggle between GPU and CPU Preview mode.

View the Document in Pixel Preview Mode

Mac: Opt + Cmd + Y                  Pc: Alt + Ctrl + Y


To view the document in Pixel Preview mode, you should use this shortcut.

Zoom In

Mac: Cmd + =                        Pc: Ctrl + =


This command will be used for zoom in the document.

Zoom Out

Mac: Cmd + -                        Pc: Ctrl + -


If you wanna zoom out in a document, then you can use this command.

Hide Guides

Mac: Cmd + H                     Pc: Ctrl + H


To hide the guides, this shortcut is very helpful.

Lock Guides

Mac: Opt + Cmd + ;                      Pc: Alt + Ctrl + ;


Lock the guides is very useful to prevent unwanted selection. To lock the guides, you should remember this command.

Make Guides

Mac: Cmd + 5                           Pc: Ctrl + 5


To make the guide, you should use this command.

Release Guides

Mac: Opt + Cmd + 5                   Pc: Alt + Ctrl + 5


You can release the guides with this simple shortcut.

Show/Hide Smart Guides

Mac: Ctrl + U                           Pc: Ctrl + U


Smart guides will help you to snap the objects to the guides. you should use this command to enable or disable the smart guides.

Show/Hide Perspective Grid

Mac: Cmd + Shift + I                    Pc: Ctrl + Shift + I


To work with the perspective objects, you have to enable the perspective grid. And you can use this shortcut to show or hide the perspective grid.

Show Grid

Mac: Cmd + '                        Pc: Ctrl + '


To show the previously defined grid, you have to use this command.

Snap to Grid

Mac: Shift + Cmd + '                    Pc: Shift + Ctrl + '


To snap to the grid, this command is very useful.


Work with Selections

To work with the objects, selection is the most important thing in Illustrator. Here I'm gonna show you some shortcuts related to the selection.

Switch to Last-used Selection Tool

Mac: Cmd + `                                Pc: Ctrl + `


Toggle between the last selection tool and the current selection tool, you must use this command.

Select Artwork in Active Artboard

Mac: Cmd + Opt + A                      Pc: Ctrl + Alt + A


If you wanna select all object in the active artboard, you should press this shortcuts.

Create Crop Marks around Selected Object

Mac: Opt + C + O                          Pc: Alt + C + O


With this command, you can create crop marks around the selected object.

Select All

Mac: Cmd + A                                    Pc: Ctrl + A


This shortcut will select all objects in all artboards.


Mac: Shift + Cmd + A                    Pc: Shift + Ctrl + A


This command is the opposite of the select command. This command deselects all objects.


Mac: Opt + Cmd + 6                     Pc: Alt + Ctrl + 6


This shortcut will reselect the objects which deselected earlier.

Select the Object above the Current Selection

Mac: Opt + Cmd + ]                    Pc: Alt + Ctrl + ]


This command will bring the selected object in front of all objects.

Select the Object below the Current Selection

Mac: Opt + Cmd + [                 Pc: Alt + Ctrl + [


This shortcut will send the object to the back of all objects.

Group the Selected Artwork

Mac: Cmd + G                        Pc: Ctrl + G


This command will bind the selected objects in a group.

Ungroup the Selected Artwork

Mac: Shift + Cmd + G                     Pc: Shift + Ctrl + G


To ungroup the selected objects, you must use this shortcut.

Lock a Selection

Mac: Cmd + 2                         Pc: Ctrl + 2


If you wanna lock an object, then this command will be very helpful.

Unlock All Selection

Mac: Opt + Cmd + 2                 Pc: Alt + Ctrl + 2


This command will unlock all of the locked objects.

Hide a Selection

Mac: Cmd + 3                        Pc: Ctrl + 3


If you wanna hide an object, then you can use this shortcut.

Show All Selections

Mac: Opt + Cmd + 3                        Pc: Alt + Ctrl + 3


This command will show all the hidden objects.

Lock All Deselected Artwork

Mac: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + 2             Pc: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + 2


To lock all the deselected artwork, this command is very helpful.


These are the essential keyboard shortcuts in Illustrator which are used frequently by the designers. But there are more shortcuts in Illustrator and I'll show them in next episode. Thanks for reading through these tips and shortcuts, I hope you’ve learned something new from these.


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