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Publish Date - 19/02/2017

Essential Keyboard Shortcut Tips for Photoshop (Part 02)

Today’s lesson is the continuity of the previous tutorial about the essential keyboard shortcut tips for photoshop. Adobe Photoshop has a vast keyboard shortcuts which is used frequently. In this tutorial, I’ll talk about layer panel, marquee tool to ease your workflow. After learning these shortcuts, you are able to speed up your design more than three times faster. So let’s begin this episode of learning.

Essential Keyboard Shortcut Tips for Photoshop (Part 02) | By Graphiccomb

Using the Marquee Tool (For Slicing/Selecting)

To do precise work in Photoshop, you must select your object perfectly. There are many ways selecting an area in Photoshop and here is some example.

Draw Marquee from Center

Mac: Opt+Marquee                             Pc: Alt+Marquee


This shortcut will help you to create a new selection from the center.

Add to a Selection

Mac: Shift+Drag                                 Pc: Shift+Drag


If you want to add selection to the previous one, then hold the Shift button and create your new selection. This will add selection to the previous selection.

Subtract from a Selection

Mac: Alt+Drag                                     Pc: Alt+Drag


To subtract a selection from the previous one, you have to hold Alt Button and drag your mouse to create your selection.


Mac: Cmd+Shift+D                            Pc: Ctrl+Shift+D


This is a great command for any of you that accidentally click away from a section. Pressing these buttons will have that section reselected in no time.

Invert Selection

Mac: Cmd+Shift+I                              Pc: Ctrl+Shift+I


Select objects around an already pre-selected image. This way, you'll be able to work on your main focus without losing it.

Deselect the Entire Image

Mac: Cmd+D                               Pc: Ctrl+D


If you need to get away from the image, use this shortcut to deselect anything that you've clicked on.

Move a Selection

Mac: Spacebar+Marquee                 Pc: Spacebar+Marquee


If you want to move a selection easily, then simply press and hold the Spacebar and continue to do so until the selection is in the correct place.

Fill Selection

Mac: Shift+F5                                 Pc: Shift+F5


If you need to fill your selection with your right color, then this shortcut will open a dialogue box to choose your color.


Manipulating Layers and Objects

If you want to modify an object or get complex with multiple layers, here are several shortcuts you should know.

Create New Layer

Mac: Shift+Cmd+N                             Pc: Shift+Ctrl+N


Get started on your latest project in next to no time with this handy shortcut that instantly whips up a new layer and dialog box.

Create New Layer behind Selected Layer

Mac: Cmd+New Layer Icon            Pc: Ctrl+New Layer Icon


Mastering the new layer shortcut is a doddle, so once your ready to drop in a layer behind it, be sure to use this shortcut.

Fill a Layer

             Mac: Opt+Backspace (Foreground)                     Pc: Alt+Backspace (Foreground)                     Mac: Cmd+Backspace (Background)                   Pc: Ctrl+Backspace (Background)     


This command will fill an empty layer with the current foreground or background color.

Flatten Layers

Mac: Cmd+Alt+Shift+E                    Pc: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E


Add a new, empty layer to the top of your stack, select it and use the above command to flatten the layers in an image to sharpen the result. This adds a flattened version of the image to the new layer but leaves the layers intact too. 

Merge Visible Layers

Mac: Cmd+Shift+E                          Pc: Ctrl+Shift+E


This command will allow you merge all your existing layers in order to create one new layer. Beware! Once merged, they are extremely difficult to separate.

Stamp down Selected Layers

Mac: Cmd+Alt+E                                 Pc: Ctrl+Alt+E


Once you've selected your layers, use this command to merge them into just one layer. To see them merged as a new layer, simply add the Shift modifier. This is useful if you need to make adjustments later on.

New Layer via Copy

Mac: Cmd+J                                     Pc: Ctrl+J


Use this command to create a new layer from an existing one.

New Layer via Cut

Mac: Cmd+Shift+J                        Pc: Ctrl+Shift+J


Like creating a new layer via copy, this command will create a new layer with the selected image area in it, the only difference via cut is that it will remove the selected image portion from the original image.

Bring Layer to Top of Stack

Mac: Cmd+Shift+]                          Pc: Ctrl+Shift+]


Here, you can move your preferred layer to the top of the stack of images you're working with in Photoshop.

Send Layer to Bottom of Stack

Mac: Cmd+Shift+[                         Pc: Ctrl+Shift+[


This is plenty self-explanatory in that it does exactly the same as the command above but in the opposite direction.

Bring Layer Forward

Mac: Cmd+]                                     Pc: Ctrl+]


This will allow you to bring any selected image to the front.

Send Layer Back

Mac: Cmd+[                                     Pc: Ctrl+[


If you decide to change your mind, you can always select the image and send it to the back of the pile.

Copy Multiple Layers

Mac: Shift+Cmd+C                        Pc: Shift+Ctrl+C


Draw a selection, then use this command to take every layer into the clipping, rather than just the current layer selection.

Select Top Layer

Mac: Opt+.                                     Pc: Alt+.


Use this command to select top layer from the current one.

Select Bottom Layer

Mac: Opt+,                                     Pc: Alt+,


This command will help you to go to the bottom layer easily.

Group Selected Layers

Mac: Cmd+G                                     Pc: Ctrl+G


This command is very useful to beautify the layers into folders.

Ungroup Selected Layers

Mac: Cmd+Shift+G                             Pc:Ctrl+Shift+G


Use this command to ungroup layers into single layers.


These are the keyboard shortcuts for layer panel and marquee tool which are used always by the designers. But there are more shortcuts with different tools in Photoshop and I'll show them in next tutorial. Thanks for reading through these tips and shortcuts, I hope you’ve learned something new from these. 

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