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Publish Date - 14/02/2017

Difference Between Image Size And Canvas Size In Photoshop

In this modern era, people take photos frequently. Sometimes the photos are perfect and sometimes are not. Most of the time he or she needs to edit the photo. But in the photo editing, people always fall into troubles to resize the image into his desired canvas. So he must need to know the difference between the Image Size and the Canvas Size in the adobe photoshop. Here I’m gonna explain it shortly.

Difference Between Image Size And Canvas Size In Photoshop | By Graphiccomb

We know, there are two main options to change the size of a document in photoshop – Image Size and Canvas Size. The difference between the two options can be confusing to beginners.



 Difference with an example 

First of all, To know the difference between Image Size and Canvas Size, you have to imagine you are matting a photographic print.

So the Image Size is the size and quality (resolution in pixels per inch) of an image. On the other hand, Canvas Size is the dimensions of the mat on which the photograph is placed.

The image can be placed anywhere on the mat. Canvas Size equals the Image Size by default. The Canvas Size menu command allows you to increase the canvas and placement of the image on it. When you print, canvas Size is the paper size you print on.

 Effect of changing the size of an image or a canvas  

Canvas Size : Changing the Canvas Size just include adding or taking away pixels around the edges of the image. It's like similar to the neutral border around a mounted photo, or using scissors to crop the image to a smaller size. Part of the image is left after a crop, is unchanged.

You will change the Canvas Size when:

       i) You want to add a border to your image (without changing the size of the image itself).

       ii) You crop an image.

Image Size : When you change Image Size, you are scaling the entire image up or down.

You will change the Image Size when:

       i) Enlarging the image for print.

       ii) Reducing the image for on-screen display.

       iii) Reducing the image to create a thumbnail for a site.

 Resampling difference 

Canvas Size does no pixel resampling, it only adds or removes pixels to or from the edges you select in the small 3x3 square anchor diagram. It can't change nominal ppi.

On the other hand, Image Size can change the nominal physical size (ppi, physical dimensions) without resampling. It cannot add or remove pixels to or form the image without resampling, as Canvas Size can. It can, however, resample the image to different pixel dimensions, either at the original aspect ratio or at any new aspect ratio you select. It offers different resampling methods.

Hope that you have understood the difference between Image Size and Canvas Size.


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