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Publish Date - 13/02/2017

How To Improve Your Skill As Graphic Designer:Important Tips and Tricks

If you know very few things about graphic design and although wanna pursue your dream as a graphic designer then this article will help you. It’s a natural thing that the great sense of design is inherent, but there is always a chance to improve your design skill. Basically, you can create any good design with your well-developed skill. I will share some tips and tricks which can help you to improve your designing skill.

How To Improve Your Skill As Graphic Designer:Important Tips and Tricks | By Graphiccomb

 Seek Inspiration From The Community 

Seek your inspiration from the graphic design community. Daily you can found various kind of inspiring design in various graphic design websites.You can seek your inspiration from other people's design.


 Seek Inspiration From Everyday Life 

Watching a movie poster, flipping a magazine, read a book on Illustration can give you awesome new design concept.This type of things will help you to improve your imagination skill.


 Simple is Always Better   

Simple design always catches eyes.Little too much use of texture, color and gradient can kill the appeal of the design.So, always try to keep it simple.

“I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.”

-Lindon Leader 

 Appropriate Typography 

 Typography is always an important part of graphic design. Choosing the right font for your design is very much important.Typography has a major impact on design. So keep that in mind and choose the right font.


 Choose Color Wisely 

A good color combination can always change the game. As a graphic designer, you must recognize the importance of color. Learn the color psychology, it will play a vital role which can create an emotional connection between you and your audience.


 Keep Your Eye On Icons 

Icons are very important.If you know how and when to use them then your design may steal the spotlight. Icons can easily improve any design A good sense of using icon can upgrade you as a graphic designer.


 Know Your Tools 

A good artist always knows his/her tools.As a graphic designer, you may use photoshop, Illustrator, sketch or CorelDRAW.Always try to know the important tools and how to use them, learn the shortcut keys.This small thing will boost your productivity as a graphic designer.


 Set Your Work Ethics 

Set your goal as a graphic designer.Follow some of the industry's best graphic designer.Learn how they work, how they improve their skills, what is their work ethics.After that set your own workflow.

So overall these are some tips which can improve you as a graphic designer.Try your best and work hard to improve yourself as a designer.


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