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Publish Date - 02/02/2017

Top Web Element Items You Can Easily Design and Earn Money by Selling Them

A website made of various kind of elements.For example, any website needs a menu.There are various kinds of menu.Some website has drop-down menu some website has a mega menu.Besides menu, a website may have a login form, registration form, different kind of tables, various kind of eye-catching buttons, Sliders, Banners and Ads etc. All of these elements are known as web elements.Today we will take a look at the most demanding web elements all across the online marketplaces.

Top Web Element Items You Can Easily Design and Earn Money by Selling Them | By Graphiccomb

404 Pages

Every website needs a 404 page.It's an essential element for any website. as we know 404 stands for a Not Found error message in HTTP Protocol. So there is a huge demand for creative and effective 404-page design. if you can understand the basic main point of a 404-page design you can easily design one and earn money by selling it. Here are some important tips for 404-page design.

1. Decide the error message. By this what I mean is designing your error message in a way so that it can represent the problem easily.For Example:


2. SearchBox is a must. If you add a search box it will be more user-friendly design.For Example:


3. Add some links from menu category. You can also add some links to your latest post/items/products. In this way, you can help the user to visit some other pages from the error page.Like this




Tables are a very important element for any website and one of those top web elements which are easy to made and has high demand.Nowadays Pricing table design is a trend.Creative and simple pricing table is very demanding in online marketplaces.There is various type of design method for the table.Such as:

1.Modern Pricing Table


2. Creative Pricing Table


3. Flat Icon Based Pricing Table



Buttons are very useful and one of the most used elements in web design. There are various kinds of buttons those are considered as web elements like media player buttons, modern web buttons, social media buttons, e-commerce buttons etc.Some samples are given below


social media button                   media_player_button


Forms are one of the most used dynamic elements in web design. It's very much understandable that every website every website need at least one or more forms.There are various kinds of form design.Such as

1.Flat Design

2. Clean & Simple Design

3. Modern Design

mainly login & registration forms are trendy items in form design category.Here is some sample Design.


clean_form_graphiccomb       clean_form_graphiccomb

Social Media Elements

Social media elements are one of the most demanding items in web elements category.Now a day's everybody using social media. So there is a huge need of this item in online marketplaces.Highly demanding social media items are:

1. Fashion Facebook Cover, Party Facebook Cover

2. Photography & Game Youtube Covers

3. Instagram Promo Templates

4. Youtube Channel Art Maker

5. Twitter Cover

Some samples are given below.



Hope you get the idea which web elements have demand in online marketplaces. Now among those web elements which one feels more interesting to you let us know in the comment section.If you like to learn to make any of these items please inform us in the comment section.We will start our tutorial series soon based on user's interests.

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